Willkommen in der Einwohnergemeinde Baar


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Gemeinde Baar
Rathausstrasse 6
6341 Baar




Fasnacht (Carneval)
Behind this word lies strange magic. When pronounced, everything in Baar is topsy-turvy. Our highly respectable citizens suddenly turn into raving maniacs and go running all over the place in gangs wearing weird costumes making loud noises. In the middle of the night, and even in full daylight some of them seem to get lost and no longer know which way is up. Welcome to Fasnacht in Baar.

As is well known throughout the region, Fasnacht is of fundamental significance for our community. In Inwil – “im Ebel” – magic frogs come sliming out of the pond. In Allenwinden the Faschall appears and waves his sceptre over the ecstatic throngs. But the essential Fasnacht figure is the Räbegäuggel. Over 50 years ago the designers of the Baar coat of arms, Annemarie and Geni Hotz gave birth to the joyful and melancholy, wild and affectionate figure.

The Räbefather is enthroned in a pompous ceremony, assumes his grave responsibilities and leads his people, the Räbevolk, under the patronage of the Räbechüng through the tumultuous Fasnacht time thanks to the faithful and devoted support of our entire community, the Räbegäuggels, who strictly follow the ancient code of Fasnacht frollies which was bestowed on our ancestors.

Chilbi (Fair, Kermis)
Fasnacht is not the only form of life in Baar. The market on Saturdays offers excellent opportunities to meet your neighbours and friends. The Christmas market, and many other occasions spice up the Baar calendar. Particularly amusing is the Baarer Chilbi, a widely known and appreciated fair which takes place on the first weekend after Martini (11/11).

Samschtigmärt, Flohmärt, Christchindlimärt