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  • Mo: 08.00 - 11.45 Uhr, 13.30 - 18.00 Uhr
  • Di-Fr: 08.00 - 11.45 Uhr, 13.30 - 17.00 Uhr

Gemeinde Baar
Rathausstrasse 6
6341 Baar



Learning German

German lessons for adults:

You'd like to learn German? Make contacts? Find out about Baar commune and Zug canton? Baar commune will help you and offers classes: "Learn German in the commune".

"Deutschkurs" - Anmeldeformular
"Deutschkurs mit Kinderhort" - Anmeldeformular
"Konversationskurs" - Anmeldeformular

Reading pleasure:

A first playful approach to the German language based on stories. This German learning aid is for foreign-language children.

"German is fun" Group:

The playgroup "Deutsch macht Spass" (German is fun) is a programme for children for whom German is a second language. The aim is to facilitate learning German.

German lessons for pre-school children with information for parents:

From February to July, classes are organised for foreign children who will be starting school in the following autumn in the infant schools in Baar. The aim is to give them a basic knowledge of German through play, so they can follow the infant class. In parallel, parents accompanying their children receive important information about education and schools.

Enrolment in this class is dependent on enrolment in infant school.

"Lesespass" - Ausschreibung

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